Laboratory of Intracellular Regulation
Institute of Plant Physiology, Russian Academy of Sciences
Botanicheskaya street 35, 127276 Moscow, Russia
   Домой      Collection IPPAS
Collection of microalgae IPPAS

Collection of microalgae belongs to the Group Ecophysiology of microalgae. This is one of the largest collections of microalgae in Russia. It has an international status (code IPPAS). The Collection is a member of the European Association for Culture Collections ECCO. Registration number in the WDC is 596. The collection contains about 300 strains of green, golden, red algae and cyanobacteria. Collection deposits the strains for the Patent procedure. The collection serves as the reference laboratory and performs service functions. It constantly expands the data bank on microalgae on the basis of the Index, catalog, and passport characteristics for individual strains.

The basic goal of the Collection: Maintenance and preservation of microalgae and cyanobacteria.